Orthodontic solutions

We offer a range of different types of orthodontics from removable braces to fixed braces and retainers such as;

  • Inman aligner (Removable)
  • Fast Braces (Fixed braces – available in tooth colour)
  • 6 months Smile (Fixed Braces – available in tooth colour)
  • Clear Aligners ( Removable clear Plastic retainer based)

Below is information for all our types of orthodontics including pricing that we have available.

The Inman Aligner is the perfect solution for crowding or protrusion of the FRONT teeth only. It is really efficient, very safe and great value. Your front teeth can be gently guided into an ideal position in a matter of weeks. Most cases complete in 6 – 18 weeks and because its removable you can take it our to fit with your lifestyle.

Inman aligner Prices – 

Prices start from £1600 per arch Upper/Lower

Plus £150.00 for the Retainer

Takes about 16-20 weeks

You will need a consultation as it is not suitable for all cases.



Traditional braces move teeth into position in two stages, usually over a period of about two years. In the first year, the crown of the tooth is moved into alignment. In the second year, treatment addresses the position of the root of the tooth. However, the brackets used with Fastbraces® work on a different mechanical principle altogether. The patented system uses an innovative triangular bracket and a specially- shaped square wire to correct the position of the root of the tooth, from the beginning of treatment. This combination is key in realigning the root and crown simultaneously.

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fastbraces gallery before & after


Every innovative feature of the Invisalign System is designed to reveal the smile that you deserve. It’s why millions of people have now transformed their lives with our removable, near-invisible aligners.

Custom-made to move your teeth little by little, each tiny shift takes you a step closer to that next version of you – efficiently, gently and accurately.

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